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The Rest of the MFF Weekend

Posted by Andi on September 5, 2013

The rest of the Michigan Fiber Festival weekend was very relaxing. This is where I got to eat dinner two nights in a row.

Friday Dinner

While we were on our way to the farmers’ market we drove past an alpaca farm with an “open” sign. We stopped in on the way back. The place is called Scenic Sky Alpacas, where they raise alpacas and have a small shop. We got to see some of the alpacas. The pen we were near was the “nursery”, where some some mama and baby alpacas were hanging out.


I got to feed some alpacas! I wasn’t sure what it would be like. I was a little afraid one of the alpacas would nibble my hand, but that didn’t happen. All I could feel in my hand was their muzzles, which were super soft. One of the employees explained that alpacas don’t have top teeth, only bottom teeth. Instead they have a hard plate on the top which they use to grind their food.



We also went shopping at a blueberry farm, where, among other things, a friend bought some blueberry syrup for our pancakes Sunday morning.

Blueberry bush

I got to knit by the water.


We did a lot of knitting. All of us were working on socks. Mine are the blue ones on the left, which I posted about previously.

Weekend sock knitting

On Sunday we walked along Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan

I almost stepped on this pretty lady! I’m glad I saw her first.

Lake Michigan

Overall, it was a great weekend. If you would like to see all of my pictures from the weekend, you can see them here.


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