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Michigan Fiber Fest, Where I Showed No Restraint

Posted by Andi on September 2, 2013

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Michigan Fiber Festival with three friends, then spent the rest of the weekend at my friend’s lake house.

Got wool?

We got there early because two of my friends were taking a class on Friday morning, so I had plenty of browsing time. I did well at the festival in that I went around to all the booths before buying anything to make sure I was buying what I wanted with the money I had.

The first thing I saw that I knew I was going to go back and buy was a set of Indian Lake Artisans circular needles.

New needles

These needles are hexagonal. They feel nice, and because they are hexagonal it’s supposed to be easier to get the needle under the stitch. These beautiful needles are made by hand. They have straight needles (in which the non-pointy ends are pretty neat) and DPNs as well. I knew I needed a new circular needle in order to make the shell I bought the yarn for during the yarn crawl, so I bought this one. Their needles come in three different kinds of wood. At first I assumed they used different woods just for aesthetic reasons, but I was smart and asked if there were any differences I would notice as a knitter using the different woods. Sure enough, there is. The woods varied in their grabbiness, for lack of a better word — how well the yarn will stick to the needles. I decided to go with the one in the middle, the cherry. I will review the needles after I knit the shell.

Also, pretty early on, I knew I was going to buy a button. I tend not to look at buttons at festivals because I’m afraid I won’t find the right project for the buttons, or I will buy four buttons and find a pattern that calls for five buttons, you know what I mean. This time I decided to buy one button, and use it on a one-button cardigan. Easy! There was a vendor who had many beautiful buttons, but my favorites were the ones with imprints of leaves and clovers on them. I chose this one.

New button

I love it. And, I think I picked a pattern to use. I just have to figure out the yarn. I have some rust-colored yarn that might be nice, otherwise I might choose some sort of blue or try to match up the green in the button to the yarn. We’ll see.

Throughout the day I saw a lot of yarn that I would have loved to buy, but I knew when I got to the Skaska Designs booth that I was in trouble. The booth focused on lace knitting. There were several absolutely gorgeous shawls on display, along with lace patterns, magazines, and yarn. One rack of yarns were silk blend lace weight yarns. They were all beautiful. It was easy to narrow it down to two, but that would have totally blown my budget. I bought one, a gorgeous silk and camel blend.

Silk/Camel blend laceweight yarn

Not only did I love the beige color, but seriously, how often do you see camel yarn? I knew it existed before seeing it that day, but I had never actually seen it with my eyes. Besides, I saw a camel earlier in the day, so I thought buying camel yarn made sense.


Totally unrelated, but am I the only one who now, upon seeing a camel, thinks of this commercial?

That was going to be all I bought. I was at my limit. But a friend had mentioned a book about natural dying that she saw. I had seen it too, and at first decided to pass on it. I have one book on natural dying already, and while it’s always nice to have more than one so you can compare, I figured I would take the lady’s card and buy it later. In the end I worried I would lose the card or something, so I bought the book, which is by Stefania Isaacson.

Natural dying

And now, just like the Yarn Crawl, I broke my rules. I was over budget.

One of the fun things about fiber festivals are the animals. Not only did I see a camel, but I spent a lot of time looking at goats and sheep.

Angora goats

Angora goats


If you would like to see all of my photos from that weekend, including the rest of the weekend which I will discuss in an upcoming post, you can find them here.


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