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Lollapalooza, Day 1

Posted by Andi on August 10, 2013

Last weekend was our eighth annual trip to Grant Park for Lollapalooza. I was thinking of making one long post about this, but let’s be honest. Today I don’t have the attention span to do something that will take that long. It seems much more manageable to break it up by day.

So, Day 1.

We started by seeing IO Echo.

IO Echo

They sounded great, but I think I would prefer to see them in a dark tiny club instead of the middle of the afternoon at a huge park. Then we went over to see Deap Vally. It was great to see so many women that rock at Lollapalooza this year!

IO Echo

We weren’t sure what to do after that, but Tim really wanted to see Ghost (or Ghost BC, I’ve seen it both ways) because it was one of the heavier bands at the festival, and a friend of ours said she heard they were worth checking out, so we did. I had no idea what to expect. This is what we got.

Ghost BC

And here is a better view of the lead singer.

Ghost BC

The costumes may look kitschy, but you know what… they were great. The music was great. It was definitely the discovery of the festival, and one of Tim’s favorite sets (although he ranked The Cure higher, but I’ll discuss that more in the Day 3 post).

We ended up hearing the last song of Atlas Genius, which I was disappointed about because I really wanted to see them. Then we went over to Band of Horses, who were great. It was the perfect set to just sit on our blanket and relax during the afternoon.

After that we went all the way over to the other side of the park for the first time to listen to Imagine Dragons. The crowd was huge. We sat sort of far away from that stage because I really wanted to see the next band on the other side of the field, so we weren’t stuck in that crowd. I thought they were good, but I probably would have been way more into their set if I wasn’t anticipating New Order so much.

New Order. My favorite set of the entire festival. I’ve loved this band for 26 years. Their music is my security blanket. This was my second time seeing them. Unfortunately Peter Hook is no longer with the band (but I will see him next month at Riot Fest!!), but I’m glad Gillian Gilbert is back.

New Order

And I have to admit, it was a little weird that Bernard Sumner was wearing a New Order t-shirt, but I looked past that quickly.

New Order

The set was great. Even though they have a new album out, they did what a band that has been around a long time is supposed to do at a festival where, although some people are there specifically to see them, many are not: they played songs the people knew. Older songs. My favorite songs. For the last three songs of their set, they played Joy Division songs while flashing pictures of Ian Curtis, a Joy Division album cover, etc., on the screen behind them. For those who don’t know, Ian Curtis was the lead singer of Joy Division, and he committed suicide right before they were to leave for their first US tour. The band carried on and changed their name to New Order. That part of the set was kind of emotional.

Ian Curtis

Forever Joy Division

As for the headliners that night, we were kind of all over the place and didn’t see much of any one of them. We started out at Nine Inch Nails because they started first.

Nine Inch Nails

We stayed for a few songs. They sounded amazing, but as you can see, we couldn’t really see them. They were in silhouette much of the time, and for whatever reason the screens on the side of the stage weren’t turned on, so you couldn’t really see anything if you were way in the back like we were (since we knew we would be leaving that set early). Perhaps it would have been cool if we had been up front and could see the whole stage.

We left Nine Inch Nails and walked over to Lana Del Rey, and I have to admit, we made it through half a song before we decided we heard enough of that. We heard Steve Aoki on our way to the other side of the park to see The Killers.

We have been at so many festivals where The Killers were playing, and had never seen them because there was always someone else on at the same time that we wanted to see more. We had no problem leaving Nine Inch Nails early to see The Killers because we had seen Nine Inch Nails twice before.

The Killers sounded great, except for one thing. The sound bleed from Perry’s (the electronica stage) where Steve Aoki was playing was awful where we were sitting. As you will see in future posts, sound bleed was a bad problem this year. Thankfully we heard The Killers well enough that we could sort of tune Steve Aoki out, but it was annoying and I don’t feel we should have had to put in that cognitive effort. They need to do a better job of either stage placement or volume setting next year.

Coming up, Day 2.


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