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Culinary Firsts for Me: Freezer Jam and Ice Cream

Posted by Andi on July 20, 2013

I’ve been trying to expand my culinary horizons in the kitchen. I don’t do much of our cooking, but I’ve been trying to find ways to make new things.

Over the holiday weekend I started with freezer jam. Tim’s mom picked a ton of cherries and shared some with us. It was too many cherries to eat, so I decided to make some sort of jam. The only roadblock was the fact that we have no canning equipment. It was okay, I figured I could buy some because we wanted to get some eventually. Instead, I managed to find cherry lime freezer jam that only required me to buy pectin and freezer jars. I wanted to try this recipe in particular because of its low sugar content. We don’t own a cherry pitter, so I had to pit the cherries by hand. It worked out well because the recipe required mashed cherries, so the fact that they got torn apart as I tried to remove the seeds didn’t matter. The jam is great, except I think the lime is too strong. Our limes were really big. The recipe calls for two limes, but because ours were so big I probably should have only used one. I like this recipe so much, in fact, that I’m already thinking of how I can tinker with with to make other flavors.

I can say the same thing for the ice cream recipe I tried. I’ve had an ice cream maker for a couple of years, but always made sorbet with it. This year I decided I would start making ice cream. At first I was looking for recipes for ice cream with bacon in it, but then notice I had a can of lychees that had been sitting in the pantry for quite a while. My first ice cream had to be lychee ice cream. I found this recipe for lychee ice cream. I chose this one because it used relatively few egg yolks. I didn’t want to find a place to save a bunch of egg whites. This recipe is basically a plain custard with fruit in it. It turned out amazing. The plain custard allows the fruit to be the star. Tim said it’s better than ice cream from the store. If it was this good with canned lychees, I can just imagine how good it is with fresh fruit. I’m already thinking about what fruits will be in season in the coming weeks and making more ice cream.

One of the benefits of making jam at home is that it makes a lot of jam. I exchanged a jar of my cherry lime jam with a friend who lives down the street whose mom had just made strawberry freezer jam. He told me that his mother uses the strawberry jam on top of ice cream sometimes, so I put some on top of the lychee ice cream and it was fantastic!


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