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Garden 2013 – Update 1

Posted by Andi on June 30, 2013

I realized I haven’t really blogged about our garden this year. We planted most of the same vegetables that we have over the past two years, added in some herbs, kale, and hot peppers.

Most of these photos are from a couple of weeks ago, and the last photo will be from last week.

Here is our kale. So far, so good. The plants aren’t big enough to start taking any leaves off to eat, but it’s growing nicely. Tim recently perfected his recipe for kale chips, so I’m looking forward to lots of yummy kale goodness coming up.

Our first green bean
The green bean plants are flowering, and here’s our first bean!! Our green bean plants did so well last year, and I’m hoping for the same level of productivity this year.

Red leaf lettuce
Our red leaf lettuce did not do well last year. So far this year it’s doing much better. At the time I took this picture there were a couple of little plants sticking out of the ground, and last week there were a few more.

Our cabbage is doing well as well. Last week the plants were big enough for us to take a couple of leaves to eat. Yummy!

And, finally, the one picture from last Sunday. Our radishes were ready for harvest! We picked these and planted a new batch. We have so many radishes that they should last until the new ones are ready. Because we can get so many in the summer, perhaps we will have enough to pickle some.


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