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At long last… new hexipuffs

Posted by Andi on May 12, 2013

It had been months since I made any progress on my beekeeper’s quilt, but over the past few weeks I’ve made a few hexipuffs. I started by using leftovers from my most recent sock yarn projects.

New Hexipuffs

The pink one on the right is made from Fleur de Fiber yarn I used to make a pair of socks. The black and purple one at the top is the Studio June yarn I used to make the Downton Abbey gauntlets. The other three hexipuffs are made from leftovers from three hats I made back in January. The purplish one on the bottom is Sophie’s Toes, the green and black is Dream In Color yarn I got from their warehouse sale, and the brown one is Evermore Studios yarn.

Recently a friend sent me a box full of yarn that had a bunch of fingering weight leftovers, so I have plenty of new yarns to make hexipuffs with. Also, I still have some Wollmeise that a friend wanted me to make puffs out of, so that’s up next.


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