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New peppers

Posted by Andi on April 2, 2013

At the end of last summer Tim’s dad gave us a pepper plant that had been in his parents’ back yard. I’m happy to report that the plant is still alive.

It started flowering a few week ago, and I became excited about the prospect of new peppers while it was still too cold to get our garden going. Tim said that even though there were flowers we likely wouldn’t get peppers, because we weren’t sure how they would be pollinated if they weren’t outside.

Lookie, peppers!!

New peppers

Tim used a skewer to pollinate the flowers, and we now have 10 little peppers. Maybe we’ll be lucky and be able to keep this plant for a few years and get lots of peppers from it, even though it’s inside!

Speaking of the garden, we still have to figure out what we’re going to plant this year. Last year was so hot and dry that a lot of what we planted failed to grow until we replanted toward the end of the summer. We have to decide whether to try certain things again, like the eggplant, or try new things.


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