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At least one leg will be warm.

Posted by Andi on March 30, 2013

Last weekend I finished the first of my Fresco Leg Warmers.

WIP: Fresco Leg Warmer

As you can see, it hasn’t been blocked yet. I will wait until I have both of them done so I can block them together. I haven’t started the second leg warmer yet. No, I do not have second leg warmer syndrome. I’m going to be using the second leg warmer as a travel project, and I didn’t want to start too close to my trip. I will cast on in the next few days. Actually, I hope I can find the second skein of yarn.

You may recall that in my last post I discussed what I want to make with some Dream In Color Classy that has been in my stash forever. Well, strike all that. I found a new pattern that I think I’m going to make with it. It’s going to be a cowl neck short sleeve cardigan that I will discuss further when I actually start the project down the road. I’m glad that’s settled!


One Response to “At least one leg will be warm.”

  1. Jojo said

    These leg warmers are so great! I’ve always wanted to knit myself some so I could feel like one of the Fame kids! X

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