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Coming to the end of its shelf life

Posted by Andi on March 17, 2013

Here are five skeins of Dream In Color Classy.

Dream In Color Classy

I bought this yarn almost three years ago at a Dream In Color warehouse sale. The skeins were packaged together for $50, which is quite a bit cheaper than it would be if I bought the skeins retail. I had no project in mind when I bought this yarn. I loved the color and figured I could find a plethora of patterns to choose from. And I did. Only I don’t feel strongly about any of them.

Initially I planned on making the Minimalist Cardigan, but dismissed that pretty quickly. I thought the stitch pattern would drive me crazy, and I thought it would look better with a solid yarn as opposed to the semi-solid yarn I had. Then I set my mind on the Garter Yoke Cardigan. I was actually going to start this a while back, which is why I wound the yarn. But, I don’t know, it fell out of favor with me. So this yarn sat in my stash. Every few months I would peruse patterns looking for something to make with it, but either didn’t like what I saw, or didn’t have enough yarn for the patterns I liked.

For the time being I’m trying to finish some old WIPs. However, I feel like if I don’t use this yarn soon I may as well get rid of it. Over the past week I’ve been trying to come up with uses for this pretty yarn.

First I wondered if I really have to make a sweater with the yarn. Why not make several little accessories? I can make a hat, maybe a scarf, whatever. But I think I’m set with trying to make one project that uses as much of the yarn as possible. It’s rare that I have that much yardage in one color, I may as well take advantage of it. But does it have to be a sweater?

Recently someone in one of the Ravelry groups I participate in linked to the Big Honkin’ Bag. It wouldn’t use all of the yarn I have, but would use quite a bit of it. I figured I could use the bag as a knitting project bag. But don’t I have enough project bags? Well, technically yes, but can one ever have too many project bags? Why do I have to make a sweater? I recently chose a pattern to make a sweater for my cousin’s son, when I stumbled across Dangan. I think that would be so pretty, and so warm. So I went from a bag to a circular shawl.

I thought I was set. I thought Dangan was it. But then I stumbled upon my copy of the Fall, 2012 issue of knit.wear magazine, and I’m back on the sweater kick. There are so many projects in this magazine that can work with this yarn. The Columnar Jacket, Gathered Blouse, Horseshoe Cape, Hourglass Sleeve Pullover, Ribbed-Waist Pullover and Tucked-Buttonband Cardigan are all garments that are contenders. The magazine also has the pattern for the Waved Wrap, which I also think is pretty. Oh, and the Garter Yoke Cardigan is back in the running.

So now what? I think that’s more confusing that it was helpful. But I want to make a decision soon. I’m tired of sitting on this yarn.


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