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Knitting’s been a no go

Posted by Andi on March 10, 2013

The first two months of the year were very prolific for me as far as knitting goes. Four hats, a baby blanket, a second baby blanket nearly completed, and the beginning of a pair of bright yellow leg warmers. The third month of the year, however, I hit a wall.

I blame the rest of my life. I had a really busy week this week. It was so busy, in fact, that I didn’t even feel like knitting when sitting on the couch watching television every night. I guess it’s for the best, as I fell asleep on the couch watching television at least twice this past week, and I really don’t need to stab myself with knitting needles in my sleep.

Today I seem to be back on track. This afternoon I bought yarn to make a sweater for my cousin’s son. I’ve also been working on a never ending i-cord bind off, which I seem to only be able to work on in short bursts. It will be the perfect project to take to knit group tomorrow.


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