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FO: Downton Abbey Gauntlets

Posted by Andi on March 3, 2013

Downton Abbey Mystery KAL Gauntlets
Pattern: Downton Abbey Mystery KAL with Jimmy Beans Wool by Kristin Ashbaugh-Helmreich
Yarn: Studio June Yarn Eight Bells in Dancing in the Moonlight (.55 skeins)
Needles: US 3
Date started: January 6, 2013
Date completed: February 26, 2013

Because of other things I had going on, it took me a bit longer to finish these gauntlets than it did for most of the other people participating in the KAL. But I finally got them done, and I love them! I knit both gauntlets separately. The only thing I did at the same time was make the I-cord ties. That clue came out the same day as the Super Bowl, so as I watched the game I made both I-cord ties.

Downton Abbey Mystery KAL Gauntlets

I waited to block the gauntlets until they were both finished to make sure I blocked the lace cuff the same on both gauntlets.

I want to make more now. I have three pairs of fingerless gloves. One pair is short, and the other two pairs are long. The long ones are great if I’m wearing shorter sleeves, but get scrunched if I’m wearing long sleeves. I think I want to make a few more pairs of short fingerless gloves so that I have the appropriate pair for all situations.


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