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Forest Park Holiday Walk 2012

Posted by Andi on December 8, 2012

Forest Park Holiday Walk 2012

Last Friday was the Forest Park Holiday Walk on Madison Street, the main street in Forest Park. The night starts with the lighting of the town Christmas tree. We missed it because we were having BBQ at the time. It was likely crowded over there anyway.

Forest Park Holiday Walk 2012

There were horse and carriage rides for those who wanted them, with beautiful white horses. There was a tent that had reindeer for children to pet. Santa was in the local bank, which also had yummy cookies and warm drinks (including some fabulous hot cider).

Some shops have entertainment inside, such as live music. The highlight, for me, are the live windows. I only took pictures of a few, but there were a lot of interesting ones. The dance studio had dancers performing in the window. I loved this one, three French hens!

Forest Park Holiday Walk 2012

Those in the window interact with people walking by.

Forest Park Holiday Walk 2012

Some even pose when they see you have a camera!

Forest Park Holiday Walk 2012

I had two favorite windows this year. The one I didn’t get a picture of was from the local yarn store (a crime of the highest order given that this is a knitting blog — how did I not take my camera out for that??). One of the employees was spinning in the window, and the fleece was coming from Santa’s beard. It was adorable! The other was at a local boutique, which also had my favorite window last year. Why?


Forest Park Holiday Walk 2012

Last year they were dressed in Wizard of Oz costumes. This year, in case you can’t tell because the photo is dark, the woman is a mermaid, and the pugs are dressed as sea creatures. There was a shark, a lobster, and a turtle. There were many more pugs inside to play with. I was good this year and only spent a few minutes playing with the pugs, unlike last year when I was in there for probably a good half hour.

I’m trying to buy as many of the Christmas presents I’m giving locally this year. Some won’t be bought locally, but most will be. For those of you who may live near Forest Park, note that there is free parking during the holiday season to encourage people to shop locally. You do not have to feed the meter when coming to shop, eat, or drink on Madison Street.


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