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Election Night Knitting

Posted by Andi on November 7, 2012

I completed two projects this week, so when I got home last night I had a hard time figuring out what to knit while watching election coverage. I didn’t want to start anything new (even though I have to start a new pair of socks before Sunday) because that would take too much brain power. I almost picked up Rockefeller. But then it hit me.


These are the first four hexipuffs I made in, what, about two months?

Election night hexipuffs

Here they are in the order I made them, from left to right. The yarn from the first one was left over from a project one of the members of my knit group made. The second came from a mini skein that another knit group member gave me. I’m going to skip the third for a minute. The fourth is from the leftover yarn from my Wingspan shawl.

The third one, the pink one. That yarn was left over from the first pair of socks my mom ever made, which she finished a couple of weeks ago. Last year I bought my mom a book about making socks and a pair of sock yarn for Mother’s Day. I’m very proud of my mom for making her first pair of socks. They turned out very nice!


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