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Stash Enhancement – Alpaca Yarn

Posted by Andi on October 29, 2012

I got some lovely alpaca yarn last weekend when we visited Blue Spruce Alpaca Farm. They had five different colors. I was able to eliminate two colors right away. One was a super dark brown that really looked black. It was really gorgeous, but I bought alpaca yarn that color at YarnCon a few years ago, and made a cowl out of it, so I was able to eliminate that color. There was a beautiful light brown, but it was almost the same color as the yarn Jane brought back from Peru that I have in my stash, so I was able to eliminate that one as well. There was a natural white, which I eliminated for two reasons. First, the sweater I made for Tim two Christmases ago was the same color, and second, I have some wool sock yarn I got at Greencastle in the same color. That left two colors. I went back and forth forever between them, and ended up choosing this.

Blue Spruce Alpacas yarn

It’s a brown heather, quite a bit darker than the light brown alpaca I have. It came down to this and a reddish color, but the reddish color matched my hair too much and I thought wearing a shawl or scarf the same color as my hair would be creepy.

Unfortunately I’m not sure exactly how much yarn I have. The tag on the skeins said they were 2 oz each, but didn’t give the number of yards. I asked the young woman running the gift shop, and she wasn’t the knitter in the family so she wasn’t sure. The gift shop had some hand knit items in it, and she showed me a small beautiful scarf and said that one skein of the yarn made the scarf. I figured I wanted to make something larger than that, so I bought three skeins.

I will have to do some swatching to figure out what gauge the yarn is. Looking at it in the skein, and seeing the finished scarf, I’m going to guess it is DK or sport weight. I’m still not sure how many yards I have, but I ordered a counter and will know soon enough. I’m thinking of making a small shawl out of the yarn, or maybe a cowl. Such beautiful yarn should be prominently worn, and I want to be able to feel how soft it is!


2 Responses to “Stash Enhancement – Alpaca Yarn”

  1. Louise said

    Great choice!

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