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Happy Saturday!

Posted by Andi on October 6, 2012

Last Saturday we visited Tim’s family. We spent most of the afternoon in Michigan visiting two wineries, and it was such a beautiful day for it. The first one we went to was Lemon Creek Winery. It has a large tasting room, so even though there were a lot of people, it didn’t feel very crowded. Tim and I ended up buying two bottles of wine from there, a red and a white.

Next we went across the way to Domaine Berrien Cellars.

Domaine Berrien Winery

That tasting room is tiny, and it was crowded. However, they have a lovely back deck with tables and umbrellas, where you can sit and enjoy bottles of wine.

Domaine Berrien Winery

So that’s what we did. Tim picked out a bottle of wine, I picked out some cheese (the winery supplies the knife and glasses), and we already had some sausage. We found a table and enjoyed our food and drink.

Domaine Berrien Winery

And of course, I did some knitting.

Domaine Berrien Winery

We spent the rest of the day in Tim’s parents’ back yard. We ate dinner and took some target practice with a pellet gun. As it got cooler Tim’s dad started a fire in the pit.

Fire Pit

Soon we were all sitting around the fire. Of course, I did some knitting.

Fire Pit

And Tim made popcorn over the fire.

Making popcorn over the fire

We also toasted some marshmallows. I accidentally dropped part of mine in the popcorn bowl. Oops! Just for kicks I rolled the soft warm marshmallow around in the popcorn and made a little ball. It was surprisingly good! It tasted like a Rice Krispy treat, only with popcorn instead of cereal. So there’s a tip for you the next time you are toasting marshmallows and are tired of the same old s’mores — put it in popcorn!!


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