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Garden 2012 Part 4 – New and Old

Posted by Andi on September 17, 2012

I haven’t reported on our garden lately. We’ve picked quite a bit in the last few weeks. Most notably, our green bean plants have done extremely well. So well, in fact, that Tim made green bean casserole from scratch this week. It was very good. However, many of the plants were on their last legs. Many were dried out and dead. We pulled up all but about three of the green bean plants yesterday.

Our pepper plants are doing great as well. They started out slowly, but there are a ton of peppers on them now.

Red bell peppers

A few weeks ago we noticed the first cucumbers.

Hidden cucumber

We were able to pick two, along with some daikon. There don’t seem to be many more cucumbers yet, but there are many flowers on the plant.

Our haul

There were some plants we have had such a hard time with. The first time we planted lettuce and eggplant, neither started to grow. The weather was so awful earlier this spring and summer — hot with no rain. We planted the lettuce and eggplant again once the conditions were a bit better in the hopes that we would get something, and we have!

Here is the first bit of red leaf lettuce from a couple of weeks ago.

New red lettuce

It’s bigger now, but still not huge. Yesterday we noticed another red leaf lettuce plant just came up. Seriously, it just came up — it’s two small leaves right now. But it’s something! I guess that’s still not great. We planted more than two plants.

Also, a few weeks ago the eggplant plants finally started growing, and this week we finally saw the first flowers.

Eggplant flowers

We harvested a second bunch of radishes. Actually, it was the third planting. The second one didn’t take.


We got more broccoli this year than last year.




And we have lots of cabbage. We picked one of these plants out of the ground already, and the two plants that are still there are still making cabbage. We used some in a salad over the weekend.


And finally, our squash is starting to grow.


We are still getting a few peas, even though the plants look awful. And we are still getting tomatoes. There were a few green cherry tomatoes left, but I’m not sure how many larger tomatoes we are going to get anymore.

It’s been great eating the variety of vegetables we have this summer. Many of the vegetables ended up in salads, but some ended up in stir fries or served on their own.


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