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Poppy Socks Progress

Posted by Andi on September 16, 2012

This week I finished the foot and heel of the first Poppy Sock.

In progress - Poppy Socks

I really like how the yarn looks with the stitch pattern. It’s even nicer in person!

People who knit this pattern have made comments that it’s not very stretchy. On the first round of the leg I knit the pattern all the way around the leg, and I agree, I think it will be difficult to get on my foot if I continued in that way, especially with the short row heel (which for me takes a little more finagling to get on my foot than other heels, though I like how it looks and fits well once on). Ultimately I tinked back that first round of the leg, and continued the pattern as it was for the foot — I knit the poppy pattern on the front of the leg, and stuck with stockinette stitch for the back of the leg. I still think it will look nice, and will show off the variegated yarn in two ways.


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