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Poppy Socks

Posted by Andi on September 9, 2012

Thanks for those of you who chimed in as to which sock project I should choose next. I chose the Poppy Socks. I started the toe today.

Poppy Socks

I’ve read comments on Ravelry which said that the socks aren’t very stretchy because of the stitch pattern, and they can be tough to get on. The Jaywalker socks were the same way, but I had no problem getting those on. These socks are toe up, so I will be knitting the stitch pattern on one half for the instep and stockinette on the other half for the bottom of the foot. The stockinette should make the foot more stretchy, so I’m thinking of continuing that way for the leg — use the stitch pattern for the front of the leg, and stockinette for the back of the leg. I have made socks like that before, so I think it will work.


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