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Wingspan Fail

Posted by Andi on August 12, 2012

Wingspan Fail

I thought my Wingspan was turning out beautifully… until I ran out of yarn. I was so disappointed. The pattern is so easy, and the yarn is so great. I just started knitting and let the yarn do the work for me. I was almost done. I was on the eighth out of eight triangles. I thought I would have to knit the last few rows that go across the whole shawl in another yarn, but that could have looked like a design element. There was nothing I could do when I ran out of yarn in the middle of the triangle.

Today I spent time ripping the project and rewinding the yarn. I hope to start over. I’m thinking that if I knit it on size 3 needles instead of the size 4 I was using I will have enough yarn. One of these days I will cast on again, but not for a while. I have a cardigan, scarf, and pair of mittens to finish. I have to ramp up hexipuff production, and start on my knitted vegetables. Maybe sometime next year.


3 Responses to “Wingspan Fail”

  1. OH NO!! and it looked so wonderful….

  2. knitting1105 said

    Oh My! You couldn’t find another skein of the yarn? I feel your pain.

    • Andi said

      I don’t think so. I ripped it out and just cast on again with a smaller needle. That should do the trick. The question is, what color do I use for the last 4 rows that go across the whole thing? I’m leaning toward black right now, but we’ll see.

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