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Garden 2012 Part 2: Progress

Posted by Andi on July 8, 2012

There has definitely been some progress in our garden. I can’t believe how tall the daikon plants have become. They have beautiful purple flowers. Yes, I know they look white in this picture, and they were when I took it. But I swear the next day they were purple.

Daikon flowers 2

The green onions growing out of the shallots are starting to flower as well.

Shallot flowers

For a while, after we put the green bean plants into the ground, they weren’t looking too good. However, they have perked up nicely, and I think we will be having yummy green beans soon.

Green beans

The first two bell peppers continue to grow, and they are just starting to turn red.

Bell pepper 2

The tomato plants are flowering.

Tomato flowers

The cucumber plants are starting to take to the trellis.

Cucumber plant

Look, a future cucumber! On the day I took this photo it was the only flower on the cucumber plant. The next day there were a few more.

Cucumber flower

The day after I took these pictures we harvested some of our radishes! We will be planting more soon.

Not everything is going well, however. The eggplant, cabbage, and lettuce plants have yet to come out of the ground at all. I’m guessing at this point they won’t.


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