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Our first cookout

Posted by Andi on July 7, 2012

Ever since we started the garden in my mom’s back yard, I kept saying that Tim and I would buy a grill to leave at her house. That way we can work in the garden and grill simultaneously, maybe even grilling some of the things we grew ourselves. We never got around to buying the grill, but apparently our threatening to do so inspired my mom, because a few weeks ago she bought a new Weber grill.

We used it for the first time on the Fourth of July. We didn’t grill (or include in any of our dishes) anything from our garden because outside of the green onions coming up from the shallots there was nothing ready. So we bought things to grill. Tim, being the man, manned the grill.

For protein, we had steak.

Our first grilled steaks

My mom already had a basket, so we were able to grill some vegetables. I can’t wait until the vegetables in our own garden are ready to pick so that we can make a similar dish with only things grown from our back yard.

Grilled vegetables

Tim also wanted to see what grilled strawberries taste like.

Grilled strawberries

Turns out, they are pretty good! Once they are warm they have the same consistency as the strawberries in the topping on a strawberry sundae, but without the syrup. The strawberries are kind of mushy, and a lot sweeter. I think it would be cool to grill a bunch of strawberries and put them in the refrigerator for use on ice cream. I bet it has a lot less sugar than sundae topping, and it was just as yummy.

I made a cherry tomato salad with basil and mozzarella. I used both yellow and red cherry tomatoes, and bought the mozzarella already in little balls instead of having to cut pieces.

Cherry tomato salad with basil and mozzarella

If you like caprese salad I would recommend this recipe. The dressing involves making a reduction of balsamic vinegar, a shallot, and the tomato juice from the cherry tomatoes, then adding olive oil, salt, and pepper. It was really good. At first I wasn’t going to do that at all. I was just going to use balsamic vinegar and olive oil, even after I printed out this recipe. I thought going through the step of creating a reduction was going to be a pain. But Tim convinced me otherwise, and I’m glad he did. I love how this turned out.


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