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Hexipuffing, Month 10

Posted by Andi on June 24, 2012

Hexipuffing, Month 10

Because I wanted to work on mindless knitting while watching the NHL Playoffs, I managed to get 10 puffs done during month 10, bringing the grand total to 111!! Right now I’m working on knitting second puffs out of the mini skeins I got for Christmas.

When I take the next monthly photo I am going to measure the size all of the puffs take up to see how much bigger I want the quilt to be. I originally thought that I would need approximately 400 puffs to get a blanket the size I wanted, but now that I would technically be more than 25% there I would have a better idea of exactly how many more puffs I need to make.

The problem is, I like making puffs, and I sort of don’t want to stop when I get to 400! Maybe I will always have a Beekeeper’s Quilt on my needles. I can make one for Tim or I can make one for someone else.


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