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The most appropriate birthday present ever

Posted by Andi on June 12, 2012

On Sunday we spent some time gardening at my mom’s house. Since we were so close to the LYS from which my mom got my gift card for my birthday, we decided to stop in.

There was one particular type of yarn I zeroed in on right away. It was this beautiful silk lace weight yarn by Schaefer Yarn. I wanted to look at all of the yarn in the store, but I just kept coming back to this one. As I was looking at it, I noticed that the yarn was named Andrea! Perfect! Once I realized that, I figured it had to be mine.

The one thing that threw me was the cost. It was 1000 yards of yarn, but I never spend that much money on one skein of yarn. But then I thought about it. First, I had a gift card. What better to buy with a gift card than something you like but would normally never splurge on for yourself? Second, when I thought about it, I realized that whenever I saw silk lace weight yarn in stores I always wanted to buy it. This isn’t the first time I’ve been drawn to this type of yarn. I’ve wanted it for years.

Once I decided I would actually buy the yarn, I had to choose a color. Since it was lace weight my initial inclination was to find a solid color, but I didn’t think the solid colors there would look good on me. There was one colorway where the colors were similar enough that I thought it would still show a lace pattern well but I didn’t really like the color. I tried once to knit lace with highly variegated yarn, and that didn’t work out so well.

I narrowed it down to two colorways. I started looking at the tags and noticed that the colorways were named after women who had accomplished amazing things. Since there were two colors I liked a lot, I chose based on the story. I chose the Elena Piscopia colorway. She was the first woman to be awarded a PhD. I have a PhD! Perfect!

So here it is!

Schaefer Yarn Andrea in Elena Piscopia

The picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s very shiny and the colors are stronger.

I started looking at projects using this colorway on Ravelry. I was afraid that the differences in color would make it difficult to find the appropriate pattern. I found <a href="mitchy's da Vinci shawl and I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. I hope whatever I make with my pretty new skein of yarn turns out half as pretty!


One Response to “The most appropriate birthday present ever”

  1. knitting1105 said

    LOVE the colors! Can’t wait to see it knit up.

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