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Garden 2012 Part 1: Early days

Posted by Andi on June 10, 2012

A few weeks ago, Tim spent a few days/evenings at my mom’s house working on the garden. We expanded the garden this year to five rows instead of four. We added some new vegetables, such as Asian radishes, kohlrabi, baby bok choi, and eggplant. Another change we made this year is that, instead of planting the whole garden all at once, we are planting in phases so that we can harvest some vegetables more than once and spread it out.

Last week we were back at my mom’s house, and we were able to see some progress.

We planted two bell pepper plants, both of which one tiny little pepper started. Last week we noticed that the peppers had grown quite a bit.

Green bell pepper plant

Unfortunately I didn’t put anything else in the picture for scale, but the pepper is at least two or three times the size as it was the day we planted it.

The radishes started coming up, too.


They should be ready to harvest in a week or two, and then we will plant some more. I think we got three harvests of radishes last year, and we are hoping for at least that much this year.

Finally, the shallots. Last year the shallots and garlic we planted didn’t work out so well, but we are trying again this year. We couldn’t find any shallot bulbs, so we planted ripe shallots instead to see what we would get.


Shallot tops! This photo was taken last week, and today it was at least twice the size. We figured we can use the shallot tops as we would green onions. I did some research this afternoon and learned that you can also use them in place of chives, and can even dry them out and use them as a seasoning. We planted four shallots and they are growing really well, so we are going to have a lot of these. We might be forced into drying some of them or they might go to waste. We cut off a couple of sprigs today, making the shallot tops the first harvest of the season.


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