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The progress is not progressing fast enough

Posted by Andi on June 2, 2012

A few weeks back I dug Gerda’s Scarf, the double knit scarf that was supposed to be ready for last winter but wasn’t, out of the black hole in my office where UFOs go to hide. I’m determined to have it done in time for this coming winter. The last time I posted progress pictures of this project I had just gotten started. Since then I’ve made more progress. You can actually see the full pattern now.

Right side:
Gerda's scarf

Wrong side:
Gerda's Scarf

This is the project I’ve been taking to stitch n’ bitch each week. Well, the weeks I go. I’ve been good about working on it there. But here’s the thing. This scarf essentially can be split into 13 parts: there is the beginning and end, and then 11 pattern repeats in between. How many pattern repeats have I completed? Almost two. I think I’m less than 5 rows away from completing the second repeat. At this rate I will not finish before next winter.

It’s difficult to work on this project regularly as I can’t work on it while watching television. It’s not mindless. I can have a conversation, but not look at anything else. Last time I was at stitch n’ bitch I made a vow to knit at least one row a night. Some nights it will turn into more than one row, some nights it would just be one row, but at least progress will be made. That was 12 days ago. Guess how many rows I’ve knit on the scarf since then? If you guessed zero, you would be correct.

I know. I KNOW. It’s just one row a night. How hard can it be? But when playoff hockey is on, when we’re trying to watch the shows on the DVR before it explodes, well, it doesn’t get done. I’m finally going to do it. After I post this I’m going to work on this scarf until dinner is ready or Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals starts. Whichever comes first.


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