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Road Trip – Cleveland

Posted by Andi on April 22, 2012

I had the week before last off work, so Tim and I took off to Cleveland for three days.

St. John's Cathedral
The view from our hotel room

We arrived on Tuesday afternoon, and spent the afternoon and evening wandering around downtown Cleveland. We ate at Flannery’s Pub for dinner, where we had these amazing stuffed mushrooms.

Go Browns

Wednesday we went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

We spent five hours there, and could have spent longer if the rotating exhibit wasn’t closed. The Grateful Dead exhibit was scheduled to open the following day. But, really, I could have spent much longer. I didn’t read every description of every artifact. There was plenty of video footage we could have watched in its entirety. Really, I could have spent the whole day there. If I ever end up living in Cleveland I will become a member. I would go numerous times a year, each time only focusing on one part of the museum and really look at and read everything. Yes, I am that lame.

After that we went to Great Lakes Science Center, where the highlight was seeing the Skylab 3 Apollo Command Module. Then we went upstairs and acted like children while playing with all of the displays that taught various science principles.


We spent most of the evening on 4th Street, having dinner and, after going back to the hotel to change our clothes, drinks.

4th Street

The whole point of our trip was to eat at Lola Bistro, as we are both big fans of Michael Symon. It did not disappoint. The food was great and I really liked the atmosphere. If it were in Chicago I would eat at this place all the time (but I would go for lunch, as that is what my bank account would allow). We had what was possibly the best dessert ever: the 6 A.M. Special, which included french toast and maple bacon ice cream. Yum!

Lola Bistro

After that we had a drink and watched Game 1 of the Pittsburgh Penguins/Philadelphia Flyers series at The Corner Alley. Even though we didn’t bowl, I loved that they had giant screen TVs above the bowling alleys. If I had been bowling I still would have been able to watch hockey! I know there are places in Chicago like this, and going to this place made me want to check them out.

Between the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Lola Bistro, I didn’t think I could top that day. But Thursday was amazing, because we went to the Christmas Story house.

House and mailbox

I feared we would be the only idiots there, but there were 15 other people on our tour with us. It was nice to see that this film is so beloved that people came from all over the Midwest (okay, most of the people on our tour were from Detroit) to see this house. There is also a museum and gift shop. Although I wanted to buy everything in the shop, we bought a t-shirt for Tim, a pair of pajamas for me, and some Ralphie wrapping paper.

Tim and I and the major award
There is glare, but that is the Major Award in the window.

Our last stop before driving back to Chicago was Melt Bar and Grilled for lunch. This is another place I would go to all the time if it were nearby. Their specialty is grilled cheese sandwhiches, but they also have some other sandwiches. They have an amazing craft pop selection, and also some interesting beers. The decor was fun and eclectic.

Awesome decor

All of the grilled cheese sandwiches sounded interesting, and after much debate I chose the Parmageddon simply because it had pierogi in it. That’s right, pierogi in a grilled cheese sandwich. It was a comfort food explosion!!!

The Parmageddon

One the way to Cleveland we took the toll roads, but on the way home we took smaller highways and drove through some smaller towns. We got to see more scenery that way. And I got home in time to watch the hockey game!

See more photos from our trip here.


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