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Hexipuffing Month 8, and other progress

Posted by Andi on April 15, 2012

I made 12 new hexipuffs this month, bringing the grand total to 97.

Hexipuffing Month 8

Once the two baby sweaters were done this became my TV project. My goal was to finish my mittens and scarf, and since they both involve colorwork, I decided to just keep hexipuffs as my easy project. I contemplated starting something else to do in front of the TV, but I didn’t want another larger project to take over time I should be using for the mittens and scarf, meaning knitting said new project more than just in front of the TV. So hexipuffing at home, and for now, the Gerta Scarf at knit group.

I spent a good chunk of last Monday morning winding yarn. I wound some yarn a member of our knit group gave Mimi and I to make hexipuffs with. The rest of the time I spent winding yarn for myself.

Generally I don’t like winding yarn into cakes if I’m not going to use it immediately. However, I have the yarn to make two sweaters, and have put off even swatching and making final decisions on projects because it wasn’t wound. So I wound all of that yarn, and it’s ready for swatching (another appropriate TV project). I think I chose sweaters for both yarns, but we’ll see if I change my mind after swatching. One will be a Ravelympics project. The other might be done sooner. Or later. More to come when I actually start something.

Once the baby sweaters were finished I had no sock yarn projects on the needles (except for hexipuffs). Since I’m going to be traveling a lot in the coming weeks I decided it’s time to start a new pair of socks. This time I decided I wanted to make a new pair of socks for Tim. I showed him all of my available sock yarns, and he chose Wollmeise 80/20 Twin in WD Ebenholz, which I also wound on Monday.

Wollmeise 80/20 Twin

We then went through a bunch of sock patterns, and he decided upon Spider Socks by Terri Knight. I told him the yarn might be too dark to see the spiders from far away, but Tim was okay with that. I will be casting on these socks today.


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