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Apparently I like pink now

Posted by Andi on April 14, 2012

I went to Windy Knitty yesterday to buy yarn for my Puck This! playoff pool prize offering. I purposely went there to get Fleur de Fiber yarn, which I know they sell there. Fleur de Fiber is dyed in Chicago, and I thought it would be nice to offer up something local as a prize, something other members of the group might not be able to easily get.

The plan was for me to go in, get the prize yarn, and leave without shopping for myself. I even told the folks I went to breakfast with yesterday morning that I was to only buy prize yarn. Then, of course, someone had to say, “Go ahead and buy yarn for yourself, you’re on vacation!” (Note: I was off this week, and went to Cleveland. More on that in a future post). And I thought, you know what, I am on vacation. And I’m going to buy myself some yarn.

I saw this skein of Fleur de Fiber Arden sitting on the shelf. It was screaming my name.

Fleur de Fiber Arden

Okay. I am so not a pink person. Anyone who knows me knows that. But I think a few people have noticed that for some reason I’ve been drawn to pink yarn lately. I don’t know why. So here it is. I bought myself some hot pink yarn. All I could think of was how this hot pink yarn would look so awesome with my black high top Chuck Taylor’s, peeking out from under my jeans. This yarn will definitely turn into socks. Plus it has cashmere!

Oh, and I bought the prize yarn too. Also Fleur de Fiber Arden. I hope some prize winner will love it!


4 Responses to “Apparently I like pink now”

  1. Wow, what a great colour! Can’t wait to see them turn into socks!

  2. Nicole said

    Ooh, I love this yarn too! Maybe I can talk my cousin Nic into going to Windy Knitty to get me some. šŸ™‚ Off to Google it.

    Can’t wait to see your socks.

    Brownbutter on Rav

  3. […] Apparently I like pink now […]

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