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Sticking to my plan

Posted by Andi on March 25, 2012

I’m making progress on the baby sweaters. One just needs to be finished: block, sew seams, add buttons, done. The main body of the other sweater is finished. I need to sew some seams, pick up and knit along the bottom, single crochet around the front and neck, sew on the button, and block.

I thought about trying to finish these tonight, or at least coming close. I figure I will block the one sweater tonight. But I decided not to sew the seams in order to continue knitting the other for two reasons. First, the Blackhawks game was about to start, and I wanted to watch it. Sewing seams is not conducive to watching hockey. Second, I hate sewing seams, so I figured it would be way less painful if I waited until I got to knit group tomorrow. That way I could be social and sew seams and maybe it would be less painful.

To me, sewing seams is like exercise. After being a gymnast in my youth, I find many forms of exercise to be awfully boring. I do some because I have to. But I joined a walking group hoping that by conversing while on a brisk walk it won’t feel like boring exercise. It worked. After having fun knitting a garment, I find seaming to be awfully boring. Hence, I will seam at knit group tomorrow night.

So what was I going to do tonight while watching the hockey game? I know I have some project goals, such as finishing the scarf and mittens I started, and making a sweater. Before I knit the sweater I need to swatch (I’ve heard this yarn grows) and none of the yarn is wound, so I didn’t want to deal with that. The scarf and mittens both involve color work, which would mean I wouldn’t get to look at the television, so that was out. Before I can start my amigurumi vegetables I need to take stock of which colors of Cascade 220 I have and which I still need, and I didn’t feel like doing that.

I know, I could start a new project! I chose a beautiful skein of Malabrigo lace weight yarn I have started to work with in the past but I didn’t like the project. I found a nice shawl pattern that was pretty basic, making it a perfect TV project. So I got the needles I needed and cast on.

Then I had cast on remorse. There are so many things I vowed I would finish before starting something new-new. Besides, if this shawl becomes my new television project, when am I supposed to knit hexipuffs? So after 18 rows (they weren’t long rows) I frogged it. I will spend the rest of the evening blocking a baby sweater and knitting hexipuffs.

It wasn’t a wasted effort, however. I really liked how the yarn looked with the shawl pattern, so I know when I’m ready to cast on a new project that I will be happy with that combination.


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