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The most useful knitting book in my collection

Posted by Andi on March 2, 2012

My stash is mostly sock yarn, and not just knitting socks. It’s easy to make a whole project out of one skein of sock yarn. I don’t have to have a certain project in mind or try to figure out how many yards of sock yarn to buy — all I need is 350 yards and I can at least make a pair of socks.

For this reason, the book Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders by Judith Durant (Editor) has become the most useful knitting book in my collection.


My mom bought this book for me for my birthday last year, and I’ve already made three things from the book, I’m currently working on a fourth, and my next project will be from this book as well.

The book has a wide variety of projects: socks, obviously, but also gloves and mittens, hats, bags, items for babies and children, and doll clothes. There are many different designers, so there are a variety of styles. I also appreciate the interesting construction of some of the patterns. For instance, I made a pair of side-to-side socks that were knit flat, and I’m currently making a baby sweater where you knit each half starting from the sleeve up and graft up the back. Most of the patterns are knitting patterns, but there are also a few crochet patterns in there that make me want to improve my crochet skills so I can give them a try.

As long as I have sock yarn in my stash (and I think that will be forever) I will continue making projects from this book. There are many cute projects I want for myself, and many that make fantastic gifts.


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