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Hexipuffing, Month 6

Posted by Andi on February 17, 2012

Hexipuffing, Month 6

After a couple of months of little progress, I made 21 new hexipuffs this month! There are several reasons for the heightened level of productivity.

First, no more holiday knitting!

Second, I was actually in town and on a somewhat normal schedule, so I had much more knitting time in general than I had in the past couple of months.

Third, I’ve been watching a lot of television, and hexipuffs are fantastic television projects. The other three projects I had on my needles are not very good television projects, so they were pushed to the side. Why was I watching so much television? It’s a combination of the fact that our DVR is almost constantly near capacity so we need to watch shows to make room for new shows and that I am trying to watch Oscar nominated films on Netflix.

Fourth, I broke into the Lorna’s Laces mini skeins I got for Christmas and was excited to see how they would all knit up.

This is great, however, hexipuffing is about to come to a screeching halt. I will be pretty busy over the next couple of weeks with less knitting time. And, when I am knitting, I really need to work on other projects.


I know two women who recently welcomed new bundles of joy into their lives, and I’m busy working on gifts for their little ones. I need to get them done while the babies are still small enough to fit into what I’m making!!


2 Responses to “Hexipuffing, Month 6”

  1. knitting1105 said

    It is coming along! Looks like they are not sewn together yet, that in itself will be a big design issue.

    • Andi said

      It will. I’m going to wait to sew it up until I’m done with the puffs to make sure the colors and duplicates are evenly distributed in the blanket.

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