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Puffing along

Posted by Andi on January 28, 2012

There seems to have been a radical shift in my hexipuff production as of late. Over the last two months I only made 10 hexipuffs, but since my last update I’ve made eight, with several more on tap for today.

Why the change? First, I’ve actually had some down time this week, something that’s been missing from my life for a couple of months. Second, the DVR has been in a state of near saturation recently, so I’m constantly having to watch something to make room for the recordings coming up. Hexipuffs are great television projects! Finally, perhaps my motivation has increased with an influx of new yarns. I got two yarns from Mimi, which started off the kick, and yesterday I broke into this:

Lorna's Laces Mini Skeins

Angela got me a bunch of Lorna’s Laces mini skeins for Christmas! Earlier this week I spent some time winding all of the hanks into little tiny yarn cakes so they would be ready to knit. Last night I knit the first two (top row fifth from the right and bottom row seventh from either side) while watching Midnight In Paris.

With all of the shows on the DVR coupled with all of the Netflix discs of award-nominated movies I plan to watch over the next few weeks, I anticipate a huge increase in my puffing capacity.


5 Responses to “Puffing along”

  1. Look at all those skeins. Love all the colours!

  2. I TOTALLY want to see the hexipuffs from that collection when you can snap pics of them 🙂 I’ve seen how some of the colorways knit up, but not all!!!

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