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That’s fast!

Posted by Andi on January 27, 2012

Wednesday morning I didn’t see my project bag on the couch and sat on it. Snap! I broke the needle that my sock was on. It was a Knit Picks Options Harmony needle. I wanted to replace the needle fairly quickly because I was planning on going out of town Tuesday morning. i needed the needle in time to transfer the stitches onto it and pack it by Monday evening to travel first thing Tuesday morning.

I considered running to a store and finding the first size 1 needle I could that was long enough for magic loop, but you know what? I really like my Knit Picks needle. I wanted to replace it, not substitute it. There are a few stores that carry Knit Picks needles around here, but I haven’t been feeling well and wasn’t in the mood to run around looking or calling a bunch of stores. Plus, then if I didn’t find one, there would be no way to get it by Monday, preferably before.

So I decided the best option was to order the needle from Knit Picks and pay for expedited shipping. I went with the two-day rather than three-day shipping. I placed the order late Wednesday morning, expecting to receive my package on Friday, today. Imagine my surprise when the package arrived yesterday! That’s right, 24 hours later I had my new needle! Thanks, Knit Picks!!

Of course there was no way I could order just one needle for less than $10. That’s no fun. I also ordered this awesome skein of sock yarn.

Knit Picks Stroll Hand-Painted in Punky

I love the way it has bright colors AND black! It’s Knit Picks Stroll Hand-Painted in Punky. How cool is that? It’s so soft and nice. I was planning on using a different sock yarn next, but I think I might need to use this right away.


One Response to “That’s fast!”

  1. I love my Knit Picks needles and their customer service is always amazing! Great sock yarn too!!

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