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FO: iPhoodie for Millicent

Posted by Andi on January 22, 2012

iPhoodie for Millicent
Pattern: iPhoodie (ipod/iphone hoodie) by Emily Vanek
Yarn: Bernat Super Value Solids
Needles: US 3
Date: January 15, 2012

I spent all of last weekend preparing my new iPod for use. I started on Saturday by wrapping the ear bud wires in embroidery floss.

Wrapping ear bud wires in embroidery floss

At first I was going to wrap them differently, with much longer color repeats. But as I was looking on Pinterest I saw wires with more frequent color repeats, and I really liked how that looked. Plus, I thought larger sections of the green could be annoyingly bright. Basically I just made knots, switching colors after every knot.

Embroidery floss wrapped ear buds

Wrapping the wires was quite time consuming. Over several hours on Saturday I managed to finish the doubled-wire that goes from the jack up to where the wires split for the ear buds, as well as most of one of the wires that goes from the split up to the ear buds. I finished the rest on Sunday morning while watching episodes of Downton Abbey.

I spent the rest of Sunday making the new hoodie. It was a tight gauge on worsted weight yarn, and I have to admit that I over did it. I really wanted it done before my Monday morning commute, but my arms and hands were really sore. That was stupid. But it’s done.

I’ve had one trip since then. I brought some knitting and kept the new iPod in my knitting project bag, and what do you know, I did not leave it on the plane! I hope this week’s trip sees me bringing my new iPod home as well.


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