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Hexipuffing, Month 4

Posted by Andi on January 7, 2012

Well, as I thought, it was a crazy month with gift knitting and many other things in life that kept me from knitting as much as I would have liked. So here is the four-month progress picture for my Beekeeper’s Quilt:

Hexipuffing, Month 4

Guess how many news ones there were? Four. See the column down the middle with just four hexipuffs? Those are the new ones.

This picture is three weeks late, so expect a new one next weekend. I will only have one knitting day, and maybe one evening, to make more. Next month’s picture won’t look too dissimilar to this one.


One Response to “Hexipuffing, Month 4”

  1. That’s okay, I haven’t made any hexipuffs in over a month. So you’re doing amazingly well by comparison!

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