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Second annual resolution fail

Posted by Andi on January 1, 2012

In a post from a year ago I went over what my knitting resolutions for 2011 were.

1. Finish the Blanket From Hell. I’m so close!

I did that one!! I hit a bump in the road by having to buy more yarn than I originally ordered for the project, but finally, the last weekend in February, I finished the blanket at a restaurant before meeting the gift recipient for a movie. It wasn’t the first afghan or blanket I ever made, but it was the biggest and certainly took the longest. The whole time I vowed that I would never knit another afghan in worsted weight yarn. I promptly went out and bought Comfort Knitting and Crochet: Afghans which features many such patterns. But they’re gorgeous!!

2. I’m participating in the January Hat Trick in the Puck This! group on Ravelry. The goal is to knit at least three hats in the month of January. I have four patterns chosen and the corresponding yarn chosen, so if I finish the third one early I can do four. But I need to be reasonable. The goal is three hats.

I’m not sure I truly accomplished this one because I finished the third hat on 2/1, a day late. But I did three hats. I wore one of them frequently last winter.

3. I’m also participating in the Sock Stash Knitdown in the Stash and Burn group on Ravelry. Most of the people participating are planning to knit down 12 skeins of sock yarn from their stash. Because of my time constraints and other projects I want to complete, my goal is to knit down 10 skeins.

I made a good attempt, but I failed at this one. I finished eight projects (one skein per project), and I’m halfway through the ninth, but didn’t have time to finish it. I could have been closer. I had finished one sock and was most of the way through a second when I realized I wouldn’t have yarn so I frogged them. That would have put me at nine projects and halfway through the tenth. So I was close. I pretty much stuck with using yarns that I already had in my stash for a long time, and mostly used patterns I already owned.

4. I have yarn for three garments that has been sitting in my stash, and I want to knit all three garments this year. I bought some recycled yarn at Yarn Con in 2009, some Malabrigo Lace to make a cardigan back in the summer, and a sweater’s worth of Dream In Color Classy at their warehouse sale a few months ago. I have projects in mind, and I have no excuse. I need to get started on those.

This was a complete failure. I made no garments for myself. I started making a cardigan with the Malabrigo Lace, but about halfway through knitting it I realized I didn’t like how the cardigan was turning out, so I frogged it. I have chosen another pattern for the yarn, but haven’t gotten around to starting it. I’ve made some steps toward using the Dream In Color yarn by organizing the patterns in my Ravelry queue that are appropriate for that yarn in order to narrow them down and choose one. I’m still no where near using the recycled yarn.

Finally, it wasn’t a New Year’s Resolution, but it was another knitting goal I set for myself — make a hat, scarf, and mittens to go with my winter coat. And how have I done on that? Well, I finished the hat. I wear it sometimes and I love it. I made one mitten, but it’s not lined yet so I’m not even half done with the mittens. I started the second one, but stopped when I got to the first colorwork row, and there it’s been sitting for months. The scarf is nowhere near finished.

So even though I keep failing, I am setting knitting goals for 2012.

1. Finish the mittens and scarf. Yes, it’s a goal left over from last year, but they need to be finished. I’m no longer enthused with knitting these, but I still think they look beautiful and I want to wear them. I just don’t want to knit them anymore!

2. Make at least one garment for myself. This is a modification of one of last year’s goals, but instead of wanting to make three sweaters I’m being more realistic and am hoping for one. I really think I will make something out of the Dream In Color first.

3. Make my dining room centerpiece. As you may have seen, I’m collecting Cascade 220 to make amigurumi vegetables, which I’m going to put in a colander and use as the centerpiece of my dining room table.

4. Read more when I travel. This is kind of a non-knitting goal. Knitting on airplanes helped me work down eight skeins of sock yarn last year, and clearly I can use that time productively. However, I feel it’s at the expense of something else I want to do with my free time — read more. I only read three books in 2011. One, Gone with the Wind, I started in 2010 when I was in Thailand. The second was Andre Agassi’s autobiography, which I read slowly at home, little bits at a time. The third was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which I read over the two weeks before Christmas. Part of the reason I could finish it in time to see the film with friends on Christmas night was because, after hurting my shoulder, I didn’t knit for nearly a week. I want to read more, which means I will have to knit less. That’s okay, and that’s also why my knitting goals for this year are scaled back compared to the past few years.

Expect a similar post next year, but hopefully it will have a different title!

Finally, I have one regular New Year’s Resolution for myself. I’m going to cut back on diet soda. I will still allow myself to drink it at restaurants, or maybe on car trips to Indiana, but my goal is to not have it every day at work, not have it at home (at this point we hardly ever have soda in the house anymore anyway), and not have it be my go-to drink if I’m in a convenience store. I haven’t decided about airplanes. Airplane coffee is awful, so I may allow myself to have diet soda on airplanes. Given these criteria, I should be drinking diet soda once a week or less — better than the nearly daily rate I have going right now.

So there you go. I hope everyone had a wonderful 2012.


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