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Luxuries for myself

Posted by Andi on December 31, 2011

The last couple of months have been crazy. Starting a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving there was constantly something going on or some sort of time pressure I was under in just about every aspect of my life, including crafting. This week I was able to slow down a little bit, and at least as far as knitting goes, I focused on myself. Yes, I have a double knit scarf and mittens that I am in the process of making, and a pair of socks, but honestly each of those projects feel like just that at this point: projects. I’m no longer excited by knitting them. I want to wear them, but I’m really not in the mood to work on them. This week I made things I just wanted.

Kanji Loop
Pattern: A Grey Loop by Helen G
Yarn: Artfibers Kanji, approximately 250 yards
Needles: US 8
Date started: December 26, 2011
Date completed: December 28, 2011

This is a cowl that can be worn hanging or tighter around the neck if I twist it twice. I bought this yarn on a trip to San Francisco a few months ago. It’s a bamboo/silk blend, and I am hoping it’s something I can wear in the spring or on summer nights when I need a little warmth but don’t want a wool cowl. This project used up about half of the yarn I had, and I’m not sure what I can make with what is left over. I was thinking of making a scarf that would have taken up most of the yarn, but I really wanted to make this cowl instead. The yarn is very soft, so it makes a nice cowl.

After looking at other finished objects on Ravelry I decided to make some modifications. First, I didn’t do traditional garter stitch for the first and last four rows as the pattern suggests. Instead I saw that someone else included slip stitches on the purl rows (the project is knit in the round so there have to be purl rows when doing garter stitch), which she said prevents the project from rolling up on itself. It seemed to work for her, so I tried that with mine. The second modification involved the eyelet row, which apparently, as written, left big holes. Instead of doing the two row repeat I did the first row five times for each eyelet section. I like how it turned out.

DanDoh Scarf
Pattern: DanDoh Scarf ~ Knitted Hug for Japan by Yumiko Alexander
Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Worsted Weight in an unknown colorway
Needles: US 9
Date: December 30, 2011

The color isn’t quite right in this picture. The yarn is red, a dark purple, and black. A member of my knit group gave this yarn away on Monday and I took it. It wasn’t quite a full skein, so I wasn’t sure what I could make with it, but then I found this cute little scarf. This is a great pattern for small amounts of worsted weight yarn. The pattern called for 110 yards, and I used just under 100. It was quick – I finished it in one evening. It’s all ruffly and cute! This is the perfect pattern for last minute gift knitting. And it’s Malabrigo, a very yummy and soft yarn, so it’s perfect for a choker-like scarf.

Now that I got that out of my system, it’s time for me to turn back to the other projects I’m working on, the ones that feel like projects. They need to get done eventually, and as incentive to finish them I’m waiting on a few other things I really want to make until they are finished.

Happy new year, everyone! Stay safe out there!


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