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I’m done!!

Posted by Andi on December 20, 2011

Last night I finished my Christmas knitting. Early. With five days to spare!

This is weird. This is very weird. I never finish my Christmas knitting early. Last year Tim got his sweater in January. Once I finished knitting a gift in the car on my way to give it to the person. I once finished a gift 10 minutes before leaving the house to give it to the person. And it wasn’t for Christmas, but there was the wedding gift that was a year and a half late.

It almost didn’t happen. I put in so much work finishing up my mom’s birthday present that I messed up my shoulder. It was in quite a bit of pain for several days, so I stopped knitting for six days. Thank goodness I didn’t have much more to do.

Now I’m really in the mood to make a cowl, one that I really want. Yeah, I should start back up on the double knit scarf or the mittens that I wanted ready for winter, but I just want to make something quick that I actually want to make now. But that won’t start any time soon. There is too much to do before the weekend.


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