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It’s cold outside

Posted by Andi on December 18, 2011

Time to warm up

Yesterday we made our second trip to the Christkindlmarket this year, and the above beverages were certainly needed to keep ourselves warm. It was cold!

Last year we went on Christmas eve, and although it was fun we decided that this year we had to go sooner so that we could buy some presents there. We were there last week with some friends and were able to scope some gifts out. Yesterday we went back to make some final decisions on what we would buy, then actually buy it. I can’t get into what we bought, but we saw many lovely things there.

And as always, the food and glühwein were incredible. If I worked near Daley Plaza I would be there for lunch every day. Just like last year I got leberkäse and potato pancakes. This year Tim got curry meatloaf, which was tasty.


One Response to “It’s cold outside”

  1. I remember having glühwein in Germany (literally 10 years ago) and I was not a fan. I also remember stealing the little mug I got the glühwein in, and then forgetting it in the hotel. Karma.

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