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Finally, a finished object I can post about!

Posted by Andi on December 11, 2011

Trio of Lady Tea Towels
Pattern: Lady Tea Towel by Courtney Kelley from Interweave Knits, Holiday 2010
Yarn: Knit Picks CotLin in Island Coral, Swan, and Surf, 3 skeins each
Needles: US 5
Date started: November 6, 2011
Date completed: December 11, 2011

Today is my mom’s birthday. As part of her present I knit three dish towels. My mom remodeled her kitchen last year, and ever since I’ve been considering making dish cloths or dish towels that would look good in her new kitchen, and finally decided to actually do it for her birthday. The room is blue with white cabinets, hence the Surf and Swan colors. I thought the Island Coral color would contrast nicely, plus it matches the detail on some of the tiles on the walls. Plus, my mom likes coral.

Trio of Lady Tea Towels

I started the Island Coral towel first. I didn’t get to kick it into high gear until the week of Thanksgiving. I watched a mystery marathon on television with Tim’s mom and sister on Thanksgiving and the Friday after, which gave me plenty of time to finish that one up.

Trio of Lady Tea Towels

After that I pretty much only had weekends to work on the towels since my work weeks have been so hectic of late. I knit about half of the Swan towel last weekend, as well as a couple of evenings this week. As the week went on I realized there was a good chance I wouldn’t finish all three towels on time and started to panic. Friday night we had plans, and I took the Swan towel with to knit the last couple of rows and bind off on the train, so that when I got home I was able to cast on the Surf towel.

Trio of Lady Tea Towels

The Surf towel. What a nightmare. As I said above, I cast on when I got home Friday night after spending 4 hours outside in subfreezing temperatures. I was so cold I am surprised my fingers worked! I stayed up and knit as much as I could Friday night before I was about to fall asleep with knitting needles in my hands.

While I was having my moment of I-won’t-have-the-gift-finished-in-time panic where I realized I would have to spend all of my waking hours knitting to finish this project on time something occurred to me: On Saturday afternoon one of the members of my knitting group was having an open house where we could bring our knitting. That would seem like a good thing, right? A couple of hours set aside to knit, I can bring the dish towel! Yeah, but my mom is also part of the knitting group and was coming to the open house with me! I started to freak out and figured I would bring a project I’m making someone for Christmas when it hit me. My mom doesn’t know I’m making this for her! I can bring it to the open house and say I’m making it for someone else! My mom knew I was behind on gift knitting, so she’d buy it. I decided I would tell her I was knitting the towels for someone else for Christmas!

So Saturday rolls around, and there I am, sitting next to my mom at the open house, knitting her birthday present. She never asked who it was for, so I didn’t tell her. I just kept knitting. My mom brought an unwound skein of sock yarn with her, and like a dummy I offered to wind it for her by hand while we were sitting there. Like I had time for that! Thank goodness my mom turned me down. She assumed the towel was a gift, and added that if I needed to keep working on it I could bring it to her house the next day (today) when I came over. Um, yeah I was definitely going to be bringing it, but not working on it!!!

I knit all Saturday evening, staying up until 1:00 AM until I was certain I was far enough along to guarantee I could finish it today. This morning I started knitting at 8:00 AM. Later in the morning I called my mom and asked if we could go for dinner at 5:00. She said okay, asked if I was going shopping, and I said yes. Yes, I lied. (Though I did go to CVS to drop off a prescription on the way to my mom’s house — CVS is a store so that counts as shopping, right? Maybe I didn’t lie after all.) I think I got up three times, never for more than a few minutes. Finally, at 3:30, I finished the towel. After two full days of knitting my arms hurt so bad that it hurts to type this post.

But, it’s worth it. The towels are done and my mom liked them.


2 Responses to “Finally, a finished object I can post about!”

  1. Did she recognize it from the day before?? 🙂 Those look fantastic!

    • Andi said

      Eventually, yeah. She took the other two out first, so when I told her to keep looking in the bag she looked in and paused, and I said, “Does that look familiar?” 🙂

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