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My first college hockey game

Posted by Andi on November 27, 2011

I took Thanksgiving week off work, and we spent it at Tim’s parents’ house. Pretty much all we did was relax, but we did do a few things, like go to a college hockey game. Western Michigan University was only an hour and a half away, and they were playing a game against Notre Dame Tuesday night, so we decided to go.

Lawson Arena

Those who know me well know how much I like hockey and may be surprised to know I had never been to a college game before, especially since the university where I did my undergraduate work (University of Illinois at Chicago) had a team (they don’t anymore). I listened to some of their games on the radio, as well as other college games I could get on the AM band of the stereo in my bedroom. At night the signals travel further, and I was often able to get University of Vermont games when Martin St. Louis was on the team. I’ve seen a few games on TV, but never in person.


The band and fans were great. It was a great atmosphere. There were a lot of families in the crowd, including a little girl in a WMU cheerleader outfit who was adorable.

Warm up

Of course, I had to buy a t-shirt. It was only $14!! With long sleeves! We got some warmed sugar almonds, which was the coolest concession I have ever had at a sporting event. Yummy!

Gold man

It was a fun time. Tim, who does not like sports, said it was an interesting experience, and he would be willing to go to more games. And it was a good night for the home team: WMU won in a shoot out.


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