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To line or not to line?

Posted by Andi on October 29, 2011

Almost two weeks ago I finished knitting what was supposed to be the outside only of the first mitten of the pair of Flocked Mittens I’m making.

The first in a pair of Flocked Mittens

I’m happy with how it turned out. There was a tiny bit of puckering that seemed to block out. The bit of puckering that still exists down the center is due to the break between the double pointed needles, so I think I’m going to rotate that every row or two when I make the second one. It’s getting colder, so I better start that second mitten soon!

Anyway, now that I’ve seen that I can do color work somewhat successfully, the only question left regarding this project is whether or not to line the mittens. The pattern has instructions for lining them, and it looks like most of the finished objects on Ravelry are lined. Here is my list of pros and cons.

Reasons not to line the mittens:

1. It will take longer and I want these done now.
2. I didn’t buy yarn special to line them. I was going to use stash yarn, so no waste.
3. With the knit fabric of the mitten and the floats behind it I think the mittens will be warm enough on most days. I fear that adding a lining will make the mittens too hot to wear much of the winter. I want to wear these every day, not just on super cold days.

Reasons to line the mittens:

1. What if I’m wrong about #3 above? Although I guess if I am wrong about that I can quickly add the lining in.
2. I wear a ring every day that could get caught in the floats. I’ve been very careful taking the mitten on and off when trying it on and it hasn’t been an issue yet and I plan on being careful, so this might not be much of a big deal.

3-2. I think it would be easier to try the unlined mittens for a while, and if it becomes clear the lining is necessary I can add it in, than it would to line them and realize that was the wrong move and have to take the lining out. What do you think?


3 Responses to “To line or not to line?”

  1. Polo said

    I think you’re right. Try them out for a while and then line them if you think they need it. It’s easier to add later than to remove.

  2. I would go for the lining to avoid snagging if nothing else. I hate breaking floats.

  3. Mimi said

    I say line ’em. Looking back it will be worth the effort even though it’s delaying their completion. They look AWESOME by the way!

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