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Hexipuffing, Month 2

Posted by Andi on October 16, 2011

Hexipuffing, Month 2

It was a slow month. I only made 10 new hexipuffs for a total of 36. The new ones in this photo are in the middle. Most of the new ones I made this month were from leftover sock yarn belonging to a member of my knitting group, so I don’t actually know what all the yarn is. Now that my Skew socks are finished I was able to start using the leftover Yarn Hollow yarn to make hexipuffs, so one of the new ones is out of that.

At this pace it will take me just under two years to get the number of hexipuffs (400) I estimate I need for the size blanket that I want. However, I have a feeling I will be making hexipuffs at much slower pace until the holidays because of all of the knitting projects I must complete between now and then.

Oh, and this is my 500th post on this blog!


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