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Just what I needed – a new hobby

Posted by Andi on August 14, 2011

Yesterday I attended the Boot Camp class at a local bead shop. The class combined an intro to wire class and an intro stringing class into one session.

First we learned how to make a bracelet with each bead on its own wire. It took a few tries for me to get the loops right, but I’m confident I could make another one.

My first bracelet

Next we learned how to make earrings with coiled loops. My coils are still uneven, but it will take practice like anything else. Even still, I’m happy with how my earrings turned out.

My first pair of earrings

We ended with the easiest project, stringing a necklace. It was the easiest in terms of physically putting the necklace together, but it was the hardest in that we were given a bunch of beads and had to decide what we wanted the necklace would look like. As I started out I didn’t like what I was making, but once I got most of the beads on I started to like it. Once it was finished I liked it enough to wear it.

My first necklace

The last thing I need is a new hobby, but I thought this could be useful. Now, if I ever buy a new dress I know I can make jewelry to match. I can also make gifts that aren’t knitted. And, it’s a different skill, and learning a new skill is always good, right?

A week ago today I saw this live:


4 Responses to “Just what I needed – a new hobby”

  1. That’s awesome! I can definitely see that coming in handy in tandem with other crafts. The earrings look especially great, I think.

    • Andi said

      Thank you! I’m hoping it will make me feel more comfortable about knitting with beads. I’ve always wanted to do it, but have always been sort of intimidated to try.

  2. Mimi said

    Nice work! You TOTALLY need another hobby! Let me know when you get a spinning wheel. I’ll get one at the same time 🙂

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