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Jumping on the beekeeper bandwagon

Posted by Andi on August 13, 2011

It appears to be one of the hottest patterns on Ravelry. Although it’s not on the list of the most active recently published designs, it seems that every single one of my friends, including myself, has either favorited or queued this pattern.

Of course, I’m talking about the beekeeper’s quilt.

As soon as I saw it I knew I would be making it. I use sock yarn a lot and have a ton of leftovers. I also thought this would be a great project for knitting in public, such as knit group, because it won’t get big until I start joining the hexagons together. It will be so satisfying to finish a hexagon so quickly!

Like everything else, I think I’m setting my sights a bit too ambitiously. The quilt in the photo is 3’x4′, but I think I want to make mine bigger than that. I want it to be the blanket I wrap myself in when sitting on the couch in the winter. But we’ll see. I have a feeling it will take a couple of years to have made enough hexagons to see how big it is starting to get.


2 Responses to “Jumping on the beekeeper bandwagon”

  1. That looks like the perfect use for leftovers. And I say you should definitely go big! If you just make little hexagons as you have leftovers, the whole blanket will be like memory lane, and you’ll be able to look at individual shapes and remember socks and stuff.

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