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Our first tomato!

Posted by Andi on July 10, 2011

Our first tomato appeared last week!

Our first tomato!

Here’s hoping there are many more!

Overall the garden is going well. We harvested our first batch of radishes and have planted a second. We have harvested some garlic as well, but outside of one more that doesn’t look to be doing too well. Neither do the shallots or bell peppers. The peas may have been damaged by a storm, but we’ll see. The broccoli keeps flowering. It’s almost too pretty to pick!


One Response to “Our first tomato!”

  1. very exciting! my tomatoes are about the same stage. i can’t wait til they are ripe to eat!!! my lettuce is doing really well, i can hardly keep up eating it, only so many salads in a row :p i should have planted more bean plants, they are doing well though. is broccoli difficult to grow?

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