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More fun with mulberries – smoothie

Posted by Andi on July 2, 2011

Using my basic smoothie recipe (1 cup fat free plain yogurt, 1 cup frozen fruit, 1 scoop vanilla flavored whey protein) I made a smoothie out of some of the mulberries I picked a couple of weeks ago.

Mulberry smoothie

It was quite tasty, and I think this will be a good use for the mulberries. I haven’t been using them at a quick pace, and for that reason (as well as a very busy schedule over the past couple of weeks) I have not picked anymore mulberries. And yes, my car is turning purple. There are lots of ripe ones right now. I might pick more in the morning. Since they freeze well I may pick them frequently and freeze whatever I don’t use to use later. Why buy frozen fruit when I can freeze mulberries for free?


One Response to “More fun with mulberries – smoothie”

  1. Deb in PA said

    My gram had a weeping mulberry tree. We didn’t pick the individual fruit. Instead we put a sheet on the ground and shook the branches. The ripe fruit dropped onto the sheet which we then emptied the sheet into a pan.

    Much easier than picking individually.

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