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WIP – Sideways Sock

Posted by Andi on June 19, 2011

This sock has an interesting construction, where both sides are knit and kitchener stitch closes the tube. Then stitches are picked up to make the cuff and the toe. Because I am using Noro Kuryeon, both sides of the sock look completely different. The right side is red, orange, and yellow.

Sideways sock - right

The left side is blue and purple.

Sideways sock - left

It is obvious where the sides meet in front. I thought it was cool that I got just a couple of rows of a color change right on the edge of both sides, so they meet in the middle.

Sideways sock - front

The heel is made with some simple increasing in the middle of what would be the tube once sewn together.

Sideways sock - heel side

While these photos are only of the tube, I have finished the toe and cuff. The toe is what my mom would call “chicken poop green”, and the cuff starts out that color and gets brighter.

My original plan was to keep knitting without thought as to what both socks would look like, essentially letting the ball of yarn determine the appearance of each sock instead of making a concerted effort to make them look alike. The problem is that this first sock took almost exactly one full color repeat, so I was about to start the second sock in essentially the same place within the color repeat as I did for the first sock. At that point, if it’s just a row or two off I think it would look weirder than if the socks looked completely different (which, if I’m honest, is what I was really going for).

I had been knitting from the outside of the ball for the first sock, so I decided to start from the center of the ball for the second sock, starting with the dark blue. That way I’m starting on a completely different part of the color repeat, and the colors will come out backwards from the first sock. Hopefully this will work to create the appearance I was looking for.


One Response to “WIP – Sideways Sock”

  1. Louise said

    Cool sock. Great colours!

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