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015/365 View from Mt. Bonnell

Posted by Andi on April 17, 2011

015/365 View from Mt. Bonnell

Mt. Bonnell
Austin, TX
16 April 2011

This is the highest point in Austin. Tim discovered it while doing research for our trip, and since we had a rental car yesterday morning we drove out there just before heading to the airport. The view was beautiful from up there, but you wouldn’t know it from the cheap stupid digital camera I had to use because I stupidly forgot my camera at home. We only stayed a few minutes because we had to go to the airport, but it would be nice to have lunch there the next time we are in Austin.


2 Responses to “015/365 View from Mt. Bonnell”

  1. As a native Austin, I’m happy to see any shots of my childhood home! I’m glad you enjoyed Mt. Bonnell. After all these years it remains a pretty serene place. I hope you enjoyed Austin generally!

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