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Winter’s over – time to prepare for winter

Posted by Andi on April 9, 2011

My first Webs order arrived this week.

Queensland Super Aussie

I got Queensland Collection Super Aussie 100% superwash merino wool in Sky and Dark Brown for the new scarf, hat, and mittens set to match my brown wool coat. I will use the light blue as the main color and the brown as the contrast color. If I want these ready for winter I figured I better get the yarn now. I will start with the scarf — Gerda’s Scarf — because it’s double knit and will take a long time. My goal is to finish it before it gets too hot outside and have to work with a thick scarf on my lap. Over the summer I will work on Flocked Mittens and Yulie.


2 Responses to “Winter’s over – time to prepare for winter”

  1. Louise said

    Lol, we just got over winter and you are thinking about next winter already! Good for you for being organized!

    • Andi said

      I figure it will take me a while to finish all three projects, and I want them ready by October since I may have to pull out the wool coat then.

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